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The product is a medical device used with the aim of facilitating regeneration and reconstructing functions of peripheral nerves severed or lost due to external injury. The device is a tube made of polyglycolic acid filled with sponge-shaped collagen, which enables the creation of an environment to induce nerve growth and reconstruct the severed section. The sponge-like structure of collagen has been confirmed as effective in multiplying nerve cells. The nerve conduit products made of synthesized materials that are available on the overseas market have reportedly caused some instances of triggering inflammatory reactions when the materials have decomposed inside the body*4. However, such events were not found with Nerbridge TM in a systematic literature search Toyobo has been making for the past several years in Japan. Using Nerbridge TM makes it unnecessary to harvest healthy peripheral nerves for autografting, reducing the patient’s burden and shortening the time needed for surgical treatment.

The conference will also discuss what’s on the horizon in DMD treatment. The focus that we had a number of years ago was to accelerate gene therapy to the point where it is today, Kelly said. Miller added that this is extremely valuable information to the families because they’re being faced right now with choices. When Miller’s own son was diagnosed with DMD about 20 years ago, there were no clinical trials available. Now, families are having to make real decisions. ‘Do I put my kid on an approved exon-skipping drug that’s first-generation, or do I wait for a second-generation exon skipping trial? Do I put my son into gene therapy? If we can’t re-dose him because of the current limitations, then what do we do?’ CureDuchenne works with families to present them with a decision tree, showing them available options as well as the pros and cons of each. It’s an exciting time, but it can be a very confusing time for the families right now, she said.

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Global Passive Prosthetics Market – Notable Developments: The technological advancements in recent years have considerably helped the growth of the global passive prosthetics market. Leading companies in the market are launching new products to build better brand value and loyalty. Some of the notable developments in the market are listed below: In September 2019, Steeper Inc. announced that the company has added Lindhe Xtend Connect solution to their lower limb prosthetics product range. The company has teamed up with another promising player in the market Lindhe Xtend. In June 2015, WillowWood Global LLC, a prominent name in the passive prosthetics market announced that the company has teamed up with the OPIE Choice Network. This new agreement allowed WillowWood Global to be the primary line supplier for the network.